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Isola del Garda

Isola del Garda Tour allows you to reach the island of Isola del Garda in approximately 1 hour.

Along the way, while navigating in the middle of the lake, you can admire the coasts and villages of both sides of Garda Lake: Sirmione and Punta San Vigilio in the first place.

The tour includes the circumnavigation of the island to admire its beauty from privileged angles: the walls, the Villa and its nature.

The tour includes departure from the central port of Peschiera del Garda, Riviera Carducci. Tour times may vary according to the needs and agreed from time to time.

The return takes place on the same path.

Isola del Garda Tour


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The tour in short

The island of Garda, originally a Longobard monastery connected to Brescia, of Queen Ansa, was also known as Schwaben, also known as the island of Swabia of Frederick I Hohenstaufen called Barbarossa, later Borghese or Isola dei Frati, is the largest island in the lake of the same name.

Just over 200 metres from Capo San Fermo, a promontory dividing the Gulf of Salò from the Emerald Bay, it measures approximately one kilometre in length and is 60 metres wide on average.

To the south of the island is a chain of reefs and shallow waters, at the end of which emerges the islet of San Biagio, also known as Rabbit Island; close to the island is the Scoglio dall'Altare, so called because it is said that once a year a mass was celebrated on it, attended by fishermen from all over the lake on board their boats.

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